3 Mart 2012 Cumartesi

Northern Ablution Area of Kilwa Great Mosque

Arched doorway leading from the south to the north hall. 
To the west of this prayer hall was an ablution court joined to the mosque via an anteroom. This sunken courtyard contained a tank, a well, and a washroom, as well as large round sandstone blocks set in the floor to exfoliate the feet after washing. From the south side of this court, a stairway leads to the roof. The northwest corner of the anteroom leads to a small vaulted chamber that may have served as a private room for the imam. From this room an unroofed passageway runs along the north exterior of the mosque behind the qibla wall. This passageway was partially divided and may have been used or intended for the placement of graves as was common in the coastal tradition.

               GREAT MOSQUE OF KILWA, MAIN HOME                

       TANZANYA'DAKİ DİĞER CAMİLER              

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