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Nakfa Mosque, Nakfa, Eritre

Nakfa Mosque, Nakfa, Eritre
This legendary history of the Nakfa mosque was told by the local people of Nakfa.
According to their saying the Nakfa mosque was constructed by demand of Kenib Ay Osman under the guidance of two Italian men, Signor Sherfon and Signor Romel, by the people of Nakfa.
To construct the mosque, all the local people of Nakfa brought stones from the hills and lime stone from Askak. Nakfa mosque was given service to its people until 1978.
From 1978 the Ethiopian regime got massive military support from foreigners to conquer Nakfa again and launched heavy bombardments, not only on the frontline, on the people, on the business sectors, and on the mosque.
As a result, all people of Nakfa left their beloved city and went to the neighboring countries to save their lives.
The Eritrean fighters resisted gallantly and Nakfa didn't fall in the hands of the enemy.
Nakfa once again proved that is was sign of strong hold of Eritrean liberation.

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