20 Nisan 2012 Cuma

Beslan School Hostage Crisis, London, England

On 3 October 2004, The Observer revealed that 46-year-old Kamel Rabat Bouralha attended the mosque. Bouralha, with UK citizens Osman Larussi and Yacine Benalia, was loyal to Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev. Basayev has boasted of training the men who took control of the school in Beslan, Russia and wired it with explosives.
Investigators believe that the three men, all Algerian-born, travelled to Chechnya from London to take part in fighting there in 2001. Like Bouralha, they are believed to have attended Finsbury Park mosque and to have joined the network of groups loyal to Basayev on arrival in Chechnya.
In 2003, over one hundred armed police raided the building as part of the investigation into the alleged Wood Green ricin plot. Abu Hamza al-Masri was eventually jailed for seven years in 2006 after being convicted of inciting murder and race hate.


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