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Masjid al Noor, Santo Domingo, Dominican Reppublic

Mezquita Noor - Masjid al Noor, Santo Domingo, Dominican Reppublic
Statistics for Islam in the Dominican Republic estimate that 0.02 percent of the population are Muslim. Although the majority of the population is Roman Catholic, Muslim students and local organizations such as the Círculo Islámico de República Dominicana (The Islamic Circle of Dominican Republic) and the Islamic Center of the Dominican Republic (located in Miami) have helped spread Islam in this country. Currently, the Círculo Islámico estimates that Muslims number over 3,000 (most recent statistics), comprising of a good number of local converts.

The Círculo Islámico established the first mosque in the Dominican Republic in the center of Santo Domingo, about a five minute walk from the Palacio de Policía Nacional and the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) where Muslims from around the city would have easy access to reach it. The mosque is open daily for the five prayers (salat) and offers classes on Islamic studies for ladies and children on weekends. They also provide free medical consultation along with a free pharmacy, Consulta Al-Foutory, which is located in a separate building at the back of the mosque. Masjid al Noor is largely believed to be the only active Masjid on the Island and receives the bulk of the Muslim population for the two Eids, Ramadan, Salat al Jummah, and the five daily prayers. There is another Masjid which remains under construction in Los LLanos, Dominican Republic. Los LLanos is roughly a 30 minutes drive from Mezquita al Noor.

If you would like to visit the mosque here is the address:
Mezquita (Masjid) Al Noor is located in the heart of Santo Domingo on:
66 Ave Francia, Gazcue SD, Dom. Republic.

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