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2009–Present: Further Expansion – The Maryam Centre

 East London Mosque, Londra, İngiltere
17 Apr 2009: launch of UK's first signed khutbah (Friday sermon) in partnership with local charity Al-Isharah.
19 Jun 2009: construction began of the mosque's new Phase 2 expansion, the 'Maryam Centre'.
4 Sep 2009: the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, visited the mosque and centre in Ramadan, commending its projects and urging people to try fasting for a day.
4 Mar 2010: hosted 'The BIG Read' in partnership with IF Charity, Islamic Forum Europe, Muslim Aid, and Tower Hamlets Council, a successful attempt to break the world record for 'Most children reading with an adult', when 3,234 children listened to readings from Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
5 Mar 2010: hosted the BBC's weekly live topical debate 'Any Questions?', chaired by Jonathan Dimbleby and with panellists Ken Livingstone (former Mayor of London), Ken Clarke (then Shadow Business Secretary), Mehdi Hasan (senior politics editor at the New Statesman) and Julia Goldsworthy (then Liberal Democrat spokesperson on Communities and Local Government).
25 Aug 2010: subject of a BBC documentary, 'Middle EastEnders', that "chronicles the setbacks and triumphs of an institution which has shaped the identity of a corner of London", timed to anticipate the centenary of the mosque.
4 Sep 2010: the mosque raised over £1.1 million in one night in Ramadan on Channel S, breaking the record for ethnic television for the third year in a row, in an appeal for the building of their Phase 2 expansion.
3 Sep 2011: the English Defence League wanted to march past the mosque, but after widespread opposition the Home Secretary, Theresa May, banned the march. The EDL instead held a static demonstration in Aldgate, prevented by police from entering Tower Hamlets, whilst a larger 'United East End' counter demonstration was held by an alliance of groups and organisations.

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