27 Şubat 2012 Pazartesi

Pictures of Great Mosque of Guangzhou-1, Guangzhou, China

View looking north at the main prayer hall, with clerestory windows separating the two eaves

Resting pavilion to the east of the prayer hall 

Resting pavilion with decorated roof ridge and inscriptions 

Detail from pavilions to the east of the prayer hall, showing columns and brackets 

Northeast corner of prayer hall portico 

View of prayer hall portico 

Small court to the north of the prayer hall 

Base of the inner bangke tower with gateway 

Detail of double eaves, dougong brackets and inscriptive plaque on bangke tower 

View looking up at the ceiling of gateway on bangke tower, with painted inscription and bracketing of the meru roof 

View of bangke tower gateway, looking south from the prayer hall

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