27 Şubat 2012 Pazartesi

Pictures of Great Mosque of Guangzhou-2, Guangzhou, China

North portico of prayer hall, looking west

View of pavilion in light tower court 

View into light tower court 

View of the light tower shaft with spiraling windows 

View up the upper shaft of the light tower from its balcony, with duogong brackets seen below the roof 

Doorway into the spiraling staircase of the light tower at the balcony level 

Detail of minaret masonry 

Overview of mosque from minaret with bangke tower seen at bottom right and the prayer hall seen at the top left 

Elevated view of prayer hall among apartment buildings, looking north 

Elevated view of complex and its surroundings looking north; the prayer hall is seen at the top right corner 

View of Guangta Road from light tower

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