16 Kasım 2011 Çarşamba

Binat Bibi Mosque, Dhaka, Bangladesh

  View from southeast
This pre-Mughal building is the oldest mosque built in Dhaka. According to an inscription, Bakht Binat, daughter of Marhamat, built it in 1454 during the rule of Sultan Mahmud Shah I. 

View from northeast. New extension built over mosque
It is a square, single domed mosque with octagonal corners towers. Entrance is by way of three arched doors from the east, north and south. The mosque measures 12' square internally.

Pre-Mughal features include the curved cornice, battlements and the absence of a drum supporting the dome. Recent renovations have seen the addition of a domed prayer room to the south and a new verandah on the east and south side.

  Arabic inscription on top of main door

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