31 Mart 2012 Cumartesi

Environment of Abbey Mills Mosque, London, England

In July 2007 a report by Waterman Environmental was publicised by Councillor Craig, which revealed that the land upon which the Abbey Mills Mosque is supposed to be built is considered have a medium-to-high contamination risk. The site was used as a chemical works for at least 100 years, and was decommissioned as such in the late 1980s. Craig was alleged to have obtained this information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, and he called for the Environment Agency to be brought in and for the site to be shut down until an independent report was undertaken.
According to Craig, the Waterman Report revealed that the original pre-remediation works had discovered soil and groundwater impact by mercury, lead, arsenic, oil, fuels, and asbestos fibres. There were methane and carbon dioxide land gas readings as well. Mosque officials have stated that allowing the development to proceed would benefit the community, as decontamination of the site is part of their building plan.


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