31 Mart 2012 Cumartesi

Size of Abbey Mills Mosque, London, England

Reports as to the size of the mosque have varied considerably. Ali Mangera of Mangera Yvars Architects, submitted a proposal for the design competition, stated that his design would accommodate up to 40,000 visitors simultaneously, with the potential for expanding to contain 70,000 people.[13][14] These figures led to much consternation.
London Borough of Newham Councillor Alan Craig, of the Christian Peoples Alliance, has criticised the development plans on the grounds that they would change the character of the local area, making it predominantly Muslim, and has called for a public inquiry into the mosque's development. The Daily Telegraph reported that the Newham planning department would refuse the mosque's application, as a project of that size had the potential to cause damage to community relations in the area.
In apparent response to the public concern about the mosque's size, the mosque's trustees did not choose Mangera's design for the final plan, deciding instead on a scaled-down structure. Mr. Abdul Sattar Shahid, speaking on behalf of the Tablighi Jamaat trustees, announced that the firm of Allies and Morrison was retained to design the mosque. In November 2011 it was reported that Allies & Morrison had been replaced by Nicholas Ray Associates & Plastik Architects (NRAP).


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