31 Mart 2012 Cumartesi


The New York Times quoted Michael J. Heimbach, a deputy chief of Federal Bureau of Investigation's international terrorism section, saying that the FBI has found that the Tablighi Jamaat was used for recruiting by Al-Qaeda. The group has also been referred to as "a key influence on terrorists targeting Britain" and "a common link to a string of attacks and conspiracies".
The Tablighi Jamaat website clearly states that it refrains from political or controversial activities and stands for democracy and freedom. The group describes itself as a non-political group and categorically rejects any links to terrorism or terrorists; however, its website does make clear that it cannot take responsibility for the actions of every individual who has ever attended their mosques or services.

Yoginder Sikand, who studied and wrote about the Tablighi Jamaat in South Asia, said that any fringe elements do not reflect the peacefulness of the movement. Although the group has a very loose organizational structure, Sikand says that it would be "simply wrong to describe Tablighi Jamaat as a terrorist recruiting organisation."


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