31 Mart 2023 Cuma

Kral Faysal İslami Kültür Merkezi, Buenos Aires, Arjantin

Kral Faysal İslami Kültür Merkezi (King Fahd Islamic Cultural Center), Buenos Aires, Arjantin 
The King Fahd Islamic Cultural Center is a Mosque and center for Islamic culture located inBuenos Aires, Argentina.
The largest Mosque in Latin America, it resulted from President Carlos Menem's 1995 grant of 34,000 m² of municipal land in the Palermo section of Buenos Aires to the Mosque, following a state visit to Saudi Arabia.Inaugurated in 2000, the Mosque and cultural center was designed by Saudi architect Zuhair Faiz, and includes prayer halls with capacities for 1,200 men and 400 women, respectively. 
The cultural center hosts a primary and secondary school, as well as a divinities school and a dormitory for 50 students.

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